Update on the 101 list

A while ago, I decided to make this crazy list of 101 things to do in 1001 days… I’ve been making some progress, and have neglected to update!  Here are some of the things that have been marked off the list recently:

5.  Buy photoshop ***completed August 2010

This tool is one of the most insane, puzzling things in the world… and I no longer wonder why they offer classes to learn how to use it!!  I’m still playing around, watching online tutorials, and taking tips where I can.  Part of why I went for the real deal, and not Lightroom or Aperture, was because of Totally Rad Actions and Kevin Kubota Actions.  I downloaded the sample set from TRA, and they are awesome!!  Most of the black & whites I do are with the TRA action that I have, and I can’t wait to buy a complete set from them!

9.  Buy a filing cabinet—and use it! ***completed August 2010

This is where my Dad’s side of me really comes out… he is the plan-ahead, organized, filing cabinet king!  When we moved, he created an initial set of files for us, and I have been adding to them recently.  I was really moved the other day when I realized how thoughtful he has been all my life to take such time and consideration for my future, even as a baby.  I hope to do the same for my children someday– and want to be a think-ahead-er just like he is!

27.  Host a nice dinner party ***completed 10/9/10

Our friend Michelle had a birthday this past week, so a couple of days before… we surprised her!  A good friend drove down from Virginia to add to the fun, and there were a whopping 12 people in our little apartment… dinner was just spaghetti, but we had some yummy appetizers like stuffed mushrooms and meatballs (thanks, Nicole!) and delicious monkey bread to add to the mix.

64.  Enter some photos in a print competition ***completed 9/27/10

There’s a neat group here in the Triangle area called WPS, or the Wedding Photographic Society.  I have recently joined, and they do a photo competition each quarter.  I entered a photo from Justin and Simone’s wedding– the one where she is looking out the window and crying… I’ll keep you posted on how that one turns out!

71.  Purchase a wireless printer ***completed August 2010

We decided on a wireless printer that happens to be the exact same one that St. James bought for the mission house just this summer!  It’s so convenient, especially with laptops in a house.  Wireless printers are genius!

Some of these things were completed during our move, and some have just, well, happened!  But I am so excited to be making progress on these goals… it’s a fun list to have, and you should think of doing one, too!  (Perhaps not 101 things, but even 10 help make stuff happen!)


I’m on a roll

This week I’ve been at my parents’ house in Missouri packing after an amazing mission trip in Pennsylvania with our youth kids last week (which is another post in and of itself).  Without even really trying, I’ve completed numbers 24, 79, 95 and 100 already!  (ok well one of these I did almost a month ago and forgot to blog about it, but oh well!)  Before I get to the 101 stuff, here’s a peek at my packing nightmare:

If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, it’s this crazy 101 in 1001 list that I made way back in May.  I have almost 3 years to complete all of these tasks– some absurd, some pretty simple.  It feels so great to check them off, and doing more than one is even better!

#24:  Cut my hair short

I’ve been growing my hair out for oh, I don’t know… 10 years or so.  I chopped it all off my sophomore year in high school and never really recovered.  Yesterday I went in for a trim, and came out minus 7 INCHES of my curly tresses. The crazy part?  It seems to be a bit straighter than before!  How does that work?

I wanted to show a before and after, but my hair is in a ponytail so much these days that my “before” shot is from 2 months ago.  So add another inch or so to this…

aaaaand after:

#79:  Exchange my Man-O-War tote bag for one with a zipper

Ok, so this is the one that was a while ago.  Our friends Jess and Charlotte, who recently got married, came to visit Hope Town several weeks ago and happened to journey on over to man-o-war.  Thanks to Charlotte (since I couldn’t go myself) I have a beautiful green and navy duffel with a zipper instead of a huge tote with NO zipper!  Thanks, Charlotte!  🙂

#95:  Buy a Shootsac with this cover

Today marks the day I feel like a REAL professional.  Wanna know why? Because ALL the pros have a snazzy shootsac to carry their gear!  It was actually a gift, and I am so so so thankful for it!!  Can’t wait to don my sunny cover and sweet lightweight bag to take all my photos!

#100:  Buy a pair of TOMs for someone else

After a crazy packing break yesterday, my mom and I raced to the shoe store in search of some toms.  We found them (which was kind of a miracle) and while my mama was on the phone, I sneakily bought here these sweet toms that are SO her!

Well, that’s it for the 101 checkmarks today.  I’m off to Hope Town tomorrow… can’t wait to see my man and my sweet potcake 🙂

#33, done and done.

Well, I’ve successfully knocked another one off the ol’ 101 list.

33.  Proudly wear high heels

So, I actually completed this one a month ago, but totally forgot to blog about it!  Our friends Jess and Charlotte got married in May (it was definitely a popular month to get hitched!) and we had a great time seeing that all go down.  You can view my blog about the weekend here, if you like!

It was then that I should have mentioned– I proudly wore those high heels!  I’m not the tallest woman in the world, but definitely not the shortest.  At 5’7″, it can be tough to wear any heels more than a couple inches without nearing the 6 foot mark.  However, I did it and sure do love these shoes!

#29, check!

You may recall my post of 101 goals to complete in 1,001 days.  well folks, i’ve done it!  #29, see Patty Griffin in concert!  I’m in Durham right now, about to leave tomorrow, and had the HUGE surprise and joy of seeing Patty last night in Raleigh.  It was even better than I dreamed it would be.  This has been about 9 years of waiting for me, so what a BIG DEAL!

You may be asking yourself, “is Patty griffin playing the spoons?”

The answer, my friends, is yes.  She plays the spoons.  It’s fantastic!

101 in 1001… Here we go!

I really enjoy reading the blogs of other fabulous photographers who inspire me, such as Melissa Jill and Gail Werner.  They are super down-to-earth, and their faith infuses their approach to photography.  What a great example for people like me!

It just so happens that the two of them have each, in the past, posted lists of 101 goals to accomplish within 1001 days (roughly 2.7 years).  Statistics show that people who have goals and write them down are far more likely to get things accomplished than those who don’t.  So what am I waiting for??  Well, it’s much more difficult to come up with 101 goals than you might think.  However, over the last few days, I finally completed my list.  Here it is:

101 in 1001

This is a list of 101 goals to accomplish in 1001 days.   You can use this nifty website to calculate your own addition/subtraction of days!

Start date: Saturday, May 1, 2010

End date: Saturday, January 26, 2013

  • 1.  Visit France
  • 2.  Develop a classy combined blog/website ***completed November 2010
  • 3.  Do an athletic event with Mike (such as a bike race or 5k)
  • 4.  Compose a handwritten letter to a different friend every day for a week
  • 5.  Buy photoshop ***completed August 2010
  • 6.  Take another road trip
  • 7.  Pay for something only in coins
  • 8.  Get my eyes checked
  • 9.  Buy a filing cabinet—and use it! ***completed August 2010
  • 10.  Stay at a B&B in North Carolina
  • 11.  Get a tattoo
  • 12.  Dance in the rain
  • 13.  Learn how to make coffee that Mike LOVES.
  • 14.  Go on a spontaneous trip
  • 15.  Attend a photography workshop (such as Mike Colon, MJ2Day, or Jasmine Star)
  • 16.  See a sea turtle in its natural environment—not in a zoo
  • 17.  Swim in the Pacific
  • 18.  Climb a tree
  • 19.  Buy lemonade from a lemonade stand
  • 20.  Purchase a super wide-angle lens
  • 21.  Take cookies to people working in a gas station on Christmas Eve
  • 22.  Grow something I can eat
  • 23.  Teach Wesley to stay and come
  • 24.  Cut my hair short ***completed 7/28/10
  • 25.  Do the Wii Fit 5 times a week for a month
  • 26.  Design and obtain business cards ***completed November 2010
  • 27.  Host a nice dinner party ***completed 10/9/10
  • 28.  Create a combined website/blog that’s classy ***completed November 2010
  • 29.  See Patty Griffin live (preferably at the Ryman) ***completed 6/2/10
  • 30.  Catch a fish
  • 31.  Create my own stationary
  • 32.  Record a song (on something other than my mac)
  • 33.  Proudly wear high heels ***completed 5/14/10
  • 34.  Write fun/funny letters with pictures to my nephews
  • 35.  Attend WPPI in Los Vegas
  • 36.  Be pregnant
  • 37.  Catch the first leaf of fall, and put it in a scrapbook
  • 38.  Finish said scrapbook
  • 39.  Read **Ahem, finish** 50 books in 1001 days
  • 40.  Build a snowman
  • 41.  Ride the Harry Potter roller coaster
  • 42.  Visit the pacific northwest (Oregon or Washington, or BOTH!)
  • 43.  Find the cause of, and prevent, Wesley’s pungent gas
  • 44.  Purchase a telephoto zoom lens (70-200mm)
  • 45.  Eat something I find in the wild
  • 46.  Go skiing
  • 47.  Visit New York City with Mike
  • 48.  Write a worship song
  • 49.  See a bear in its natural habitat
  • 50.  Photograph a wedding on another continent
  • 51.  Surprise-visit someone
  • 52.  Make something out of seaglass
  • 53.  See a friend’s baby the day/week it is born
  • 54.  Shoot a maternity session
  • 55.  Purchase a Canon 5d ***completed 11/23/10
  • 56.  Paint an accent wall in our home
  • 57.  Use the vegetable steamer Susan gave us
  • 58.  Ride a tandem bike with Mike
  • 59.  Catch up on the LOST episodes I’ve missed, and maybe understand the show
  • 60.  Take a picture on the Golden Gate Bridge
  • 61.  Join a photography community (like PUG) ***completed 9/16/10
  • 62.  Get a massage
  • 63.  Go on a trip with just me and my mom
  • 64.  Enter some photos in a print competition ***completed 9/23/10
  • 65.  Participate in the Buddy Walk
  • 66.  Attend a March Madness game
  • 67.  Rearrange the furniture
  • 68.  Read a book on prayer
  • 69.  Get a canvas of my Africa photo and hang it in our home
  • 70.  Take Natalie Norton out to lunch
  • 71.  Purchase a wireless printer ***completed August 2010
  • 72.  Take Mike to see the farm in Stockton, MO
  • 73.  Shoot 20 weddings a year
  • 74.  Open a Roth IRA ***completed October 2010
  • 75.  Pick blueberries
  • 76.  Go hiking with Mike…without complaining once
  • 77.  Spend a day shopping with my sister-in-law, Jennie
  • 78.  Send my parents/in-laws cards + gifts on their birthdays
  • 79.  Exchange my Man-O-War tote bag for one with a zipper ***completed 7/6/10
  • 80.  Have another voice lesson with Dr. Porter
  • 81.  See a bald eagle
  • 82.  Learn how to lay carpet
  • 83.  Perform a song with Mike
  • 84.  Create a logo ***completed with the help of Brooke Goans, November 2010
  • 85.  Eat a Philly cheese steak in Philadelphia
  • 86.  Go on a walk with my Dad on the Katy Trail
  • 87.  Buy Mike a watch that fits
  • 88.  Go to the Outer Banks in NC
  • 89.  Donate more than I want to give, and embrace the pain
  • 90.  Attend a Day Family Reunion
  • 91.  Go to my first drive-in movie
  • 92.  Take someone to visit Hope Town for the first time
  • 93.  Read all 3 of Scott Kelby’s digital photography books (2/3 completed)
  • 94.  Watch last year’s Christmas Play
  • 95.  Buy a Shootsac with this cover ***completed 7/29/10
  • 96.  Replace my broken ipod ***Completed 5/20/10
  • 97.  Decide on my favorite color and embrace it
  • 98.  Go to bed with all the dishes done for a week straight
  • 99.  Watch a wedding slideshow by a different photog every day for a week
  • 100. Buy a pair of TOMs for someone else ***completed 7/28/10
  • 101. Create a nice album of our first year married

There you have it.  I was halfway through and was tempted to change it to “50 + 1 in 1001” but it just didn’t have the same ring to it.  If you feel so inspired, I challenge you to go write down 5 or 10, or even 101 things to accomplish in the next ___ amount of time.  I will be posting about the accomplishments as they come, so stay tuned!

And since a post is always better with a photo, meet Remy (aka Remington), the cutest puppy since Wesley was 7lbs…