sermon…oh my.

This past Sunday, I had the honor of preaching my first sermon at Christ Church.  Everyone there was so supportive, as I was a bit nervous. (My forte is singing, not speaking!)

We’re doing this series on Finding Your Way Home: Family, Friends, and Fellowship.  Last Sunday was the Family one, and I really enjoyed getting to dig into the Adam & Eve texts as well as the account in Acts where Paul and Silas share the Gospel with the jailer and his whole house believes in Jesus.

Here’s the audio file for my sermon, if you are brave enough to listen!!

Finding Your Way Home: Family

Speaking of preaching…

I had the GREAT honor/pleasure to hear my friend, Kimmi, preach at Duke today!  She did such an amazing job.  Here’s a little sneaky paparazzi photo of her:

Happy Tuesday, all!


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