Durham Hugs and Duds

I know it’s been SUPER long since my last Hugs and Duds post, but never better time than the present!  This is my first one from the “Land of Plenty,” as Mike likes to call the states.  So here goes…

HUGS go to:

Access to copyrighted websites!!  Such as abc.com, nbc.com, and pandora.  Outside the U.S., somehow most websites with copyrighted material has this impenetrable protection– I couldn’t believe they didn’t work in Hope Town!  (I kept wanting to call someone and tell them I was an American citizen, and that it really was ok for me to view the latest episode of 30 Rock.)  I’ve been going through withdrawal not being able to watch a missed episode of The Office or Grey’s Anatomy over the past 2 years… and online music streaming is pure genius.  (There’s lots more sites out there that do what Pandora does, but I am in love.  I will be loyal.)

Stieg Larsson’s Trilogy – I’m shocked to be writing this, because I usually turn my nose at SUPER popular books (don’t ask me why–Mike must have turned me into a book snob!), but after recommendations from both my mother and mom-in-law, I cracked open The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I’m on the third one now, but these “Girl Who” books are taking over my spare time!!  If you’ve yet to read these books, I’ll just tell you– they’re the type that you’re sad when they’re over.  (Or simply angry that you don’t have the next book!!)  Who knows what on earth I will read after these.

Local Breweries — I am all about moderation here, but I do admire the vast amounts of locally brewed beer here in North Carolina.  Never had I dreamed there would be this many varieties… and then there’s the seasonal ones… There’s a place in the Triangle area called Tyler’s Taproom that hosts a “pint night” where they feature a new local beer, and give out a pint glass for keeps!  We have yet to attend pint night, but it’s definitely on the list.


aaaaand… the DUDS.

Missing Hope Town. Especially my kids.  This one is pretty much self-explanatory…

That is all for the duds.  It’s a big one, but gosh we have a lot to be thankful for, too.

…like the fact that my Mama comes tomorrow… 🙂  Happy almost weekend, everyone.  (it’s only 2 days away!)


One Response to “Durham Hugs and Duds”

  1. Gail Says:

    LOVEEE the Stieg Larsson books. I blogged about these a few weeks back, but I devoured them all when my husband and I were in Europe in July. That trip will forever be linked to Lisbeth Salander and all the downtime I spent getting to know her character in European airports 😉

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