things are looking up

…not that they were down, but after our crazy first week, it is so nice to have a house alllllmost put together.  Christ Church has really blown us away with their generosity in helping us acquire some furniture, and now our empty living room has become a (hopefully) welcoming place you want to be.  We are still working on putting on the finishing touches, hanging pictures, etc, but I will try and get some photos of the place as it is now!  My job is WONDERFUL, and I will take some pics of the office to show you all, too!

Mike had his first day, and it was great!  He started with Hebrew, and already has homework (although who is surprised at this?).  Following that he had Church History, which apparently is an intense class, but he seems to be excited about it.  I am already enjoying him coming home and talking about class– I have a feeling I will get to learn from his education a little bit!

Sorry if we’ve been remiss in calling/emailing some folks.  It is taking longer than I had anticipated to get my feet on the ground, and we are only just now starting to fall into a routine.  Thank you all for being understanding and for your patience!


One Response to “things are looking up”

  1. Erin Says:

    yay mary!!! I like you! And Mike!

    this is beth, by the way.

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