I have a job!

A few weeks ago, I visited North Carolina for a wedding + apartment hunting and job hunting.

Strangely enough, the wedding helped me get a job better than the 2 interviews I was planning on!

Remember this?

This was taken in front of Christ United Methodist Church in Chapel Hill.  It is beautiful, and the folks there are so nice.  Walking into my friends’ wedding that Saturday afternoon, I had no idea it would be my future workplace!

Eric and Nicole (our now-newlywed friends) told me that I should talk with their pastor, since they were losing their worship leader of 6 years.  I thought, “what the heck!” and swapped info to come in later that week.  Turns out, I had a wonderful conversation with their senior pastor, and even got to share a few songs with them!  (Let me tell you, it was heaven getting to play on a grand piano again!! pun intended.)

We left it that day with a positive, open discussion that we would think and pray about the whole thing.  When I came home, Mike was surprised (this was, after all, a deviation from the plan) but supportive.  I felt that if they wanted me to work with them, I would be so happy.  They are even encouraging about my photography business!

This past week, I received a call and found out they’d like me to come on the team!  Whoo!


Thank you, Lord, for taking care of all those things I just love to stress about.  You’re the best!


2 Responses to “I have a job!”

  1. Kristine Says:

    Just left you a message and then read this! How wonderful!! It’s so great to see the Lord providing and opening wide doors for you! Love, KH

  2. Jessie Ray Says:

    CONGRATS Mary!! Very cool indeed! I’m sure you are relieved to have that piece that taken care of. i CAN’T WAIT to see you both this fall when you arrive!!! I just got an encouraging email about a job for me as well… send your prayers my way, please!

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