wedding squared

What an uplifting weekend!  It is such a treat to be present for the marriage of two of your friends, but to do that twice in one weekend??  It was almost an awesomeness overload!!

It began with a bang– our good friends Brandon and Kathleen, with their awesome son Isaiah, picked us up from the airport in Orlando.  Aren’t they the best looking family?

Our first wedding was for Jess and Charlotte in Leesburg, FL.  Although we were there as guests, I couldn’t resist taking a shot or two.  Charlotte’s colors were bright pink and green, and had the fresh appeal of new things to come!

They were married in Charlotte’s front yard (that’s quite a yard, eh?!) and had a reception in their barn behind the house.  You may be thinking, “barn? how does that work?” but check this out to assuage any question of classiness:

WOW!  It was stunning.  I’m really excited because Charlotte’s family has a boat and is planning on spending a month in the Abacos this summer!  Jess and Charlotte will get to visit during that time, and we’re really looking forward to getting some quality time in with the two of them–post-wedding craziness!

I’m always so glad to spend time with my dear friend, Lisa.  Lucky for me, she was my ride to the next stop– Jacksonville!  We spent the night in her Ocala home before heading to the second wedding of the weekend.

Isn’t she so beautiful?

In Jacksonville, we got to see Josh and Hilary get married.  This was an incredibly unique wedding, in that Hilary was raised Jewish.  She became a Christian in college, but many Jewish traditions are very special to her and her family.  Hence, the first Jewish-Christian wedding we’ve ever attended!  Josh stomped on the glass during the ceremony, and we all danced the hora at the reception.  It was surreal.

Of course, in the midst of seeing all our friends get married, we were able to catch up with many of our friends that we haven’t seen in a long time.  That was such a wonderful added bonus to a joyous weekend!  I was so honored to reunite with old praise band members to play for J + H’s wedding ceremony.

photo credit: brandon ransbottom

p.s. this was taken at the rehearsal, which is why we’re not super dressed up. don’t worry, mom!

These weddings remind me of a couple of things: one, why I want to pursue wedding photography:  how much I love seeing two people celebrate the love between them and commit to sharing their futures.  Two, how lucky I am to have Mike as my husband.  Marriage isn’t always easy, but I am so, so thankful for him and what we share.  Going to weddings reminds me of our special day, and the outpouring of love given us not only then, but continuously.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible for us to come this weekend!  So many offered rides, houses, couches… we are truly blessed.  Love you all.


2 Responses to “wedding squared”

  1. Ryan Moore Says:

    Wow Mary! These pictures are great! I wish I could have been there. This entry gave me an amazing glimpse into the weekend and made me miss so many people. Thanks!

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    […] hitched!) and we had a great time seeing that all go down.  You can view my blog about the weekend here, if you […]

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