Preview: Chase + Brent

Going through Chase + Brent’s photos from Saturday reminds me of what a fun couple they are!  Brent and his best man were both Seminoles, so we definitely started off on the right foot.  We even sang the fight song!  (Ahh, how I miss singing the fight song…)

I met them at this beautiful house in Hope Town, Calypso.  It’s at least 3 stories and has a GREAT porch out back that leads to the ocean!

Chase came down the stairs, and I think all hearts stopped beating for a full minute!

Chase and Brent took a walk on the beach right outside the house.

Later, we headed into town for a few more photos before they went to get married!  Did I tell you where they got married?  On a SAILBOAT!  Man, I love living in the Bahamas.

Isn’t she beautiful?  (I feel like this could be a Visit Hope Town ad!)

And then Chase and Brent rode off into the (almost) sunset on their sailboat with their closest friends and family.  I didn’t shoot their actual ceremony, but snapped this last shot before they were wed:

Congrats, you two!  Enjoy your honeymoon at sea this week!


One Response to “Preview: Chase + Brent”

  1. Chase Bacon Says:

    These look awesome! Can’t wait to see the rest… thank you so much for your work. The ceremony at Matt Lowe was absolutely beautiful. Just got back after the honeymoon, absolutely brilliant!!

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