Karina and John’s Wedding Slideshow!

Here’s a slideshow of the story of John and Karina’s wedding.  Enjoy!


6 Responses to “Karina and John’s Wedding Slideshow!”

  1. Karina Craig Says:

    MARY! Words cannot express how beautiful that was! You brought tears to my eyes! You have such a talent and I am soo thankful for the beautiful memories you captured. Every single picture was truly beautiful and special. I thank you for sharing our special day with us. We are true fans of your work.
    Love Karina and John!

  2. cha Says:

    Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple AND Mary beautiful photos. You really are very talented… love this.

  3. Gretchen Says:

    The colors, every emotion, radiant smiles, frames that overflow with love and personality!!! Karina and John —-you two are glowing!!!!!
    And the photos tell your story.

    guess I happen to know the BEST wedding photographer in the WHOLE WORLD!!!

  4. Francesca Says:

    Beautiful job with the pictures! Karina and John are glowing!

  5. Patti Love Says:

    Just Magical….You did a marvelous work of art. It captured the love that surrounded John and Karina that day. Something for them to be able to show my grandchildren. You are truly blessed.

  6. Rosa Linda Román Says:


    That was lovely, lovely, lovely! Congratulations Karina! We enjoyed seeing your smiles from all these miles away.

    Rosa Linda, Ziva & Ahava

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