Hugs and Duds

What a week!  I had so much fun with Scott + Barb last week (was that really only last week? goodness!) and have another wedding coming up this weekend, so things are definitely moving!  Of course, there’s mission trip fundraisers, some kind of personal time–what’s that?– and keeping up with Wes.  Whew!

Anyway, I thought it’s been a while since the last hugs and duds post, so let’s roll!


–RAIN.  YAY FOR RAIN! Our cistern was getting kind of low, so we needed it mucho.  (Yes, folks, we live off of rainwater.  And when we run out, we buy it.)

–Weddings! I think I’m addicted to them.  Not having them, of course.  Mine was lots of fun, but I simply ADORE being a part of an incredible day for two people.  It’s a good thing, too, since I’ll be documenting another wedding this weekend 🙂


–WESLEY GETTING BIGGER. He was only 7lbs when we got him, and now he’s at least 25.  The vet said he would be around 45lbs full grown, but I was hoping for him to stay small…

now he looks like this:

can you believe it?


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