Scott + Barb get hitched!

Do you ever have these serendipitous meetings with people that turn into wonderful things?

Two days ago, I had the honor of meeting two FANTASTIC people, Scott and Barb.  And they got MARRIED yesterday!  Guess who took their photos?  (I’ll only give you one guess.)  That’s right, yours truly got to have SO MUCH FUN yesterday documenting their special day!

Scott and Barb have such an incredible story (and I doubt I even got to hear the whole thing)!  They have been through so much, and to see their joy on their wedding day was such a treat.  Cool fun fact about them:  their first date was on a Tuesday the 13th, and they got married on a Tuesday the 13th! (Different months, but hey, still really cool.)

One thing I’ve noticed while going through their photos is how much Scott makes Barb laugh… it’s wonderful!

They got married on Tahiti beach, and the light couldn’t have been any more beautiful.

Scott and Barb, thank you guys for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of your special day!


13 Responses to “Scott + Barb get hitched!”

  1. Kristin Says:

    AHHHHH LOVE IT! I want to see more!!!!

    • Bea & Patrick Boland Says:

      We loved sharing your special day. The pictures show the happiness that you two have. All our best wishes!

  2. Joey and Jimmy Lindwall Says:

    Just Beautiful!True love and you caught the moments!

  3. Scott & Barb Lindwall Says:

    We love what we’ve seen so far, Mary! You definitely have a gifted talent. We cannot wait to see the rest of our pictures…the anticipation…oh, the anticipation!!! We had SUCH a great time with you and truly enjoyed your happy, bubbly personality…we felt like we were hanging out with a friend. Thank you and we’ll see you soon! Barb & Scott XO

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Congratulations again, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more Radiant and Happy Couple…..

  5. Robin and Suzanne Says:

    Congratulations Scott and Barb!

    You both look ebullient and so bubbly it is extremely refreshing!

    Better forward this to Yankee Captain Derek Jeter so he can see how well you suceeded!

  6. Dani Says:

    Congratulations Scott and Barb!! I am so very Happy for you both. Love you xoxo

  7. power Says:

    nice pictures!!


  8. Nancy S Says:

    You guys look great!

  9. Loan Garland Says:

    OMG!!! You two look beautiful and happy — totally and absolutely awesome. I wish you one hundred years of happiness (its an asian thang!)



  10. Lois Harner Says:

    Scott and Barb,

    You two look like you had a ball, bermuda shorts and all!

    Best of luck, Lois

  11. Lois Harner Says:

    Scott and Barbara,

    You two look like you had a ball bermuda shorts and all!

    Best of luck,


  12. Marcia & James Says:

    Congratulations Scott and Barb! You both look SO happy…and the photos are beautiful. We wish you much joy!

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