Let’s share the love!

I was just reading on my cousin Tracy’s blog about her friends, Phillip and Kim Dean.  They seem like great people who fear the Lord and have started a journey to adopt a sweet little girl from the Ukraine with spina bifida.

If you’re familiar with the adoption process, you’ll know it’s not easy, nor is it cheap.  My cousin (being the creative and helpful gal she is) has set up a fundraiser through her Lia Sophia page where 30% of the proceeds will go directly to the Deans’ efforts for adopting Grace.  (Make sure to enter Tracy Crowe in the top right box for “Enter Your Host” and select her show so that the proceeds do indeed go to this cause.)  If you’re not familiar with Lia Sophia, it’s a pretty sweet deal where you can get some awesome jewelry in lots of different ways (online, catalogs, parties).


You can also donate to the Deans directly through their website.

I know finances are tight these days, but there is so much joy in giving to help another.  Regardless of if you can help financially, I encourage you guys to be praying for this family during the whole adoption process.  Definitely follow their progress on the adoption blog, and see how the fundraising going and how they are doing in general (and know what to pray for).

So if you have a spare minute (or perhaps even if you don’t– I’m running late now!) leave some love on their blog, say a prayer, buy some jewelry for yourself of a friend (or that special lady in your life… hint, hint, Mike!) and encourage these folks today.


One Response to “Let’s share the love!”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Mary – send me your wishlist, I’ll help your hubby out!! 🙂

    Seriously though, Thanks for posting this!

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