Hugs and Duds

You all may remember this post where I talked about Jasmine Star and her great little idea of “Kisses and Disses.”  After great feedback from everyone, I’ve decided to go with Mike’s suggestion…


Hugs go to…

–Mike being home! Wesley is so happy (and of course, so am I).  He’s back just in time for hug #2, which is…

–VISITORS! Ashley, her parents, and her roommate Robin have been such a joy this week.  PLUS, Mike’s aunties are coming all the way from Boston tomorrow!

EASTER. Good Friday is such a special day to remember, and I get so excited for the joy and anticipation of Easter morning.  What an incredible sacrifice the LORD made for us.

Duds would be…

–bugs. Not the gnatty kind, but the ones that are in your stomach.  Mike had one last night, and it was so sad to see him not feel well.  Thankfully, he’s doing a lot better today.

–Departures. Every good visit must have an end, but it is sad to see our visitors go home.  😦

Clearly this has been a good week, since I can’t think of a third dud!  Here’s a little note from Wesley, it’s how he feels about swimming and missing his Daddy.


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