To use a phrase of TEAMeffort‘s Doug Jones… Praisealuia!

Ashley Yancey is here this week, along with her roommate and parents.  What a wonderful way for the kids to learn and have fun, and for me to have a little break!  She helped with youth on Saturday, and gave the message at church yesterday.  Whew!

Working in a place where there are very few people your age, (especially who believe what you believe) it’s sometimes all you can do to do your job.  It is so encouraging for Ashley to be here, not just because I love her and she’s helping with youth, but because she’s refreshing my soul.  What encouragement to know someone is praying for me, and has been exactly where I are now.  Since she’s coming from a seminary perspective, there’s so much fresh knowledge and insight that she has to offer both me and Mike.  I can’t wait ’til he gets back on Thursday, so he can experience this, too!

Thank you, Ashley, for a wonderful visit… and it’s only been 2 days!!


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