Kisses and Disses… (but different)

There’s this photographer, Jasmine Star, who is an inspiration to pretty much every aspiring wedding and portrait photographer out there.  She does this fun thing on her blog, “kisses and disses.”  It’s basically a weekly post about things she likes and dislikes.  I thought I would start sharing my own, but want to come up with a unique name of my own.  (I’m not sure how she would feel about me stealing her fun blog idea, but I should at least change the name, right?)

What do you guys think?  Rhyming is always a plus… but “J’adore & makes me wanna roar” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.  I need help!

I’ll stick with the stolen one for now:


Patty Griffin. I’m feelin’ “Impossible Dream” today, but all of her albums bring me so much of that ahhh feeling.

Sunshine.  Recently, you’d think I was living in the states, it’s been so chilly.  Not Michigan chilly or anything, but definitely mid-Georgia chilly.  Thank goodness the weather is starting to behave itself!

WoodWick candles. I particularly love the plain ol’ Vanilla Bean scent, but they come in all sorts of scents and oh my are they delicious.  If you haven’t heard of these candles, they are unique because they actually sound like a little fire burning– it’s AH-mazing.  Plus, they look cool.


Feelin’ Tired.  Gosh, I sound like the beginning of a Norah Jones song.  The main source of my fatigue these days is our sweet puppy.  He’s not the highest energy dog you can get, but I don’t care what kind of dog you have, puppies are all-consuming, all the time.  Wesley is the best, but he sure does sap me of all my energy.

Fundraisers. I’m ready to have all our money for the mission trip… unfortunately, we are only halfway there.  Yes, yes, I know we still have a good 4 months of fundraising, but that returns me to feelin’ tired (see above).

Long-Distance. Yes, I know that Mike and I now get to live together, and that is AWESOME.  I’m so glad we’re not in different countries any more… however, there are still some rather special people who live across the pond (can I say that in the Bahamas?) who I still miss dearly.

Thanks for hangin’ in there with me and the blog.  Don’t forget to comment and HELP with a new kisses and disses name!

here’s one of my new(er) project 365 photos.  I’m still a teeny bit behind on uploading, but haven’t missed a day yet in March!  yet…


5 Responses to “Kisses and Disses… (but different)”

  1. abbykneuer Says:

    we used to call them happys and crappys.

    Its a bit of a throwback to old family group days, but you know..

  2. Karen Day Says:

    We across the pond miss you, Mike, and Wesley, too!

    How about “Smiles and Frowns” or “Ups and Downs” or “Bitter and Sweet” or “Bittersweet”

  3. jray Says:

    yeah, what did our family group call them? blessings and bummers. can you do something beachy? that implies sand in the wrong places is really uncomfortable, but not have to say it that way? 🙂

  4. Natalie Says:

    Like Abby said, I immediately thought of family group stuff: highs and lows, pits and peaks.

    I’ll try to think of something more clever and original.

    I’ve got nothing.

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