crawfish tails

i almost entitled this blog post “crawfish tales” but thought that might be a little too cheesy.  corny joke lovers, please know the thought was there.

one of my all-time favorite bahamian meals is the crawfish tail.  you can bake it, grill it, stuff it, i don’t care– it’s all fantastic and i could eat it every day.  it’s a good thing i don’t, because if you buy them in a restaurant they cost upwards of $30!

lucky for me, i have friends who know where to find the little buggers.

don’t they look so yummy?


2 Responses to “crawfish tails”

  1. Karen Day Says:

    Oh my goodness, I want to be there now!

  2. abbykneuer Says:

    i don’t know mary, they kinda give me the willies.

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