a canine scene

dear mom:

i’m sorry for the times as a child that i may have embarrassed you in public.

you know, been “that kid” who makes just enough of a scene to get her way…

…and i say this now, because, well, today was payback.

so wesley and i are walking down the peaceful streets of hope town, just minding our business.  not one soul on the road.  he has come so far in his ‘walking on a leash’ skills, and is making me so proud.  wouldn’t you know it, the minute we see another pedestrian in the distance, wes decides he wants to play and bite at my legs and ankles incessantly.  over. and over.  and his teeth are SHARP!!  what does a good mama do?  discipline her puppy.  ordinarily, i would have loved to just replace my ankle with a nice, yummy chew toy, but who brings one of those on a walk?  so i’ve got to tell him “no, no bite, bad…” and hold his mouth shut until he’s incredibly uncomfortable and learns his lesson.

unfortunately, during this process, he whines and looks like the most pathetic, mistreated soul that’s walked the earth.  there’s a reason they’re called ‘puppy dog eyes.’

of course the innocent passer-by sees this turn of events.  in her eyes i read, “oh my gosh.  what a horrible person.  how could she ever do such an awful thing to that cute puppy?”

and i’m thinking back in my head:  “it’s DISCIPLINE and i have to do it!  this is NOT fun for me!”

but i just keep my eyes to the ground, making sure wesley doesn’t wiggle out of his ‘no-bite’ hold.

payback, i tell you.

goodness gracious, what on EARTH will happen when we have kids??!!


3 Responses to “a canine scene”

  1. abbykneuer Says:

    mary, you make me smile. You and mike will have beautiful children who probably won’t (and this is just a guess) bite your ankles in public. 😉

  2. Dave Day Says:

    Thanks for my best laughs of the week so far!

  3. Miranda Says:

    dogs can teach you so many lessons to prepare for parenthood!! lol

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