Neither here nor there…

I’m feeling a little weepy today, probably from the lack of sleep due to our very cute (and very draining) little puppy.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I haven’t left the islands since we got here in September.

Who knows the reason, but I think I have the dreaded “rock fever.”

It’s what you get when you’ve been in Hope Town for too long, and you start craving Applebee’s and Target and movies.

But talking with Mike just now, I know that the real thing I miss right now and am longing for, is a vacation.  Not some fancy-schmancy week at a resort, but just a chance to go HOME.

and REST.

Working in a church is a huge blessing, and I love what I do. Really.  But the tough thing is that you work from home and have a very gray line between “work” and “rest.”  Today I found myself making up for work that I didn’t do last week on my true Sabbath, meaning I missed my day of rest.

Yes, it happens to many of us.

Yes, I will be fine.  Better than fine.

I’m looking forward to my time in Durham in May as a time of rest and rejuvenation (as well as great catch-up time with friends).

But for now, I can find strength and encouragement from my husband who loves me, and my friends and family who call right when you need it most.  You guys are an incredible support, and I’m so thankful for that friendship.

And since a post is always better with a picture…


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