wesley, the wonder puppy!

Yesterday was hands-down the best day Mike and I have had this week, and I’ll show you why:

Our power has been off all day, and I’ve been so anxious to blog all about our new little boy!  He’s 8 weeks old, and his breed is “Royal Bahamian Potcake.”  It’s a Bahamian breed, they’re very good natured and lean builds.  Wesley could stand to put a little meat on his bones, though.  We rescued him via a friend who was in Nassau this week.  I had asked her to be on the lookout if she went to the shelter.  She proceeded to grill me about our abilities to take care of a dog (she didn’t want to get our hopes up) but lo and behold!  She called yesterday with the announcement that I had a new baby boy!  🙂

Another fun part of the story:  Mike has wanted a dog since, well, probably before we even got married.  He didn’t think I would actually do this, and was shocked when he rode home on the ferry yesterday with our friend and this cute dog that was HIS!  It took about 3 times of telling him before he believed it was true!

They’ve bonded pretty well already:

oh, how we love you so!


One Response to “wesley, the wonder puppy!”

  1. Ryan Moore Says:

    Hey Mary! I read your blog a lot but I never have time to post a comment it seems. I just had to comment on this though. He’s so cute!

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