hero of the day: LaCie hard drive!

you know how people always say, “back up your files!”

well, there’s a REASON.

thankfully, i was mindful of those people and got one of THESE puppies to back up my music, photos, and documents:

ohhh, how i LOVE my LaCie!  she helped me when i had almost lost hope.

you see, yesterday i had the pleasure of taking some photos of this lovely family right here:

i come home, upload the files, and IMMEDIATELY back them up with my buddy, LaCie.  and wouldn’t you know, iphoto decided to completely wig out and erase all the photos on my computer!  i had a moment, and then realized: they’re safe! hooray!

lesson of the day: BACK UP YOUR FILES, PEOPLE.

and then, you’ll never have to lose images like this:

happy tuesday!


One Response to “hero of the day: LaCie hard drive!”

  1. abbykneuer Says:


    I need help!
    I’ve switched to wordpress because blogger wasn’t allowing me to upload and control my posts the way I wanted to….but I cannot figure it out! How do I add my friends blogs that don’t use wordpress?

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