Stormy Saturdays

ok, so it’s not quite storming YET… but it sure is cloudy.

I know that most times people don’t like having lots of clouds and potential rain, but it sets the mood for awesome movie days and good conversation.  don’t you think?

If you find yourself bored on one such saturday, or any other day of the week for that matter, you should head over to the Hope Town Coffee House to warm up.  I’m posting from there right now, and there’s no other place i’d rather be this morning!

Another random endeavor of mine:  I’ve made mike and a few friends these rice heating bags.  They’re modeled after the ORIGINAL by our good family friend, Susie.  They’re perfect for aching backs, necks, or any other muscle needing some pain relief!

This seems like an awfully random blog post, but mike and i are dedicating ourselves to posting more frequently.  There ya go!  Happy Saturday, all!


One Response to “Stormy Saturdays”

  1. Heather Says:

    And we love having you guys 🙂

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