thank you, boxing day.

one thing that i have learned to appreciate in the bahamas is their observance of boxing day.  unlike my mental images of folks putting on gloves and duking it out in the snow, boxing day is really for boxing up gifts the day after christmas.  on wikipedia, there are several different theories on how the holiday originated, but none of them actually refer to the sport.  (too bad.)

here’s how mike and i spent our day off for boxing day:

ok, so that’s not mike and me, it’s malia and chloe.  but we were at the beach, albeit cold, rainy, and windy.  oh well!  at least we were there!

also, i say our “day off for boxing day” because our day off was actually yesterday– even though boxing day was the 26th.  confused yet?

hope everyone has had a safe and fun holiday season!


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