merry christmas from the bahamas!

i don’t know that i’ve ever experienced a more magical christmas than this year.  having the family down here in hope town was such a treat– it’s so fun to see this place through the eyes of two children– plus, we got to have lots of fun!  my favorite saying of the week:

“brandon, you’re a baboon.”

“no i’m not.  i’m a good boon.  you’re a bad boon, uncle mike!”

watching everyone open their presents last night, i felt like a child myself.  everyone was so happy– at the thought put into their gifts, at the chance of being together.

before going to sleep last night, all i could think about was how incredibly blessed i am.  no matter what, we will always have this beautiful christmas memory and remember what this time is about:  christ coming to earth and loving us all so selflessly.

merry christmas, everyone!   i hope you are able to share the love and joy of christ with everyone you see today, and every day!


One Response to “merry christmas from the bahamas!”

  1. Dave Day Says:

    Our time together will stay in our memories forever as a week of pure joy!

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