What a Performance!

I don’t know that i have ever been more proud of our kids here in hope town than i was last night.  we had our closing night of the Christmas play, and the rain was coming down… wind blowing at gale force.  then around 6:15, the power went out.  (the show was to start at 7.)  What to do??  Carrie, our fearless leader/director asked the kids how they felt.  “we want to go on!!” they all said.  so at 7pm, all our kids put on the show lit by candles on wall sconces, two oil lamps held by kind folks on the stage, and a 2-million candle power “spotlight” lamp from the back.  oh, and did i mention they did all the music a cappella?  yup.  and they sounded even BETTER without the tapes than the other nights.  it was just… magical.

i wasn’t able to take a photo last night, but here are a couple of shots from previous lights (when we had lights, sound, etc.)



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