wedding #2!

It feels like it’s been eons since this 11.28 wedding, but believe it or not, it hasn’t even been a whole week yet!  I thought i would post just a few fun shots of the day.

this was such a nice ceremony, because it was so intimate and small.  including me, there were 8 people present!  can you believe that??

what a special time.  everyone was so relaxed and happy– we heard the bride comment before she walked down the aisle of sand: “i’ve waited 13 years for this!”

yup, that’s right… 13 YEARS.  so you really couldn’t mistake the joy on both the bride and groom’s faces that afternoon…

it’s always a joy to be able to witness the joy of others.  what a treat!

as they walk off into the sunset, how can you help but sigh… ahh…

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One Response to “wedding #2!”

  1. Kay Benson Says:

    That’s my birthday! haha I had no idea that someone was getting married the same day that I was turning 19.
    They look so happy. I am pleased to share my day with them. 🙂

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