goodbye, lucy.

yesterday my family lost our beloved cat of 11 years.

lucy was the sweetest (and only) cat we’ve ever had.  i have very fond memories of seeing her chase her own tail, only to be discovered and abruptly stop and walk coolly away from the scene.  and i also love to think of her stealth missions to escape the downstairs area… if we even barely didn’t latch the baby gate, she would tip toe up the stairs only to dash down again once discovered.

lucy was our only friend in a brand new place back in 2000, when we first moved to tennessee.  my mom especially needed her company:  dad would leave for work, i left for school, and that left mom and lucy to fend for themselves–all. day. long.  lucy quickly made the transition from household pet to family member.

i can still hear the sounds of her purrs and even strange guttural bird-watching noises she frequently made.  even her lofty demeanor at my return when i would be away at school for months at a time makes me smile– it’s part of what made her our kitty!

time will fade the sadness of our lost lucy, and sometimes i feel dumb mourning for a cat.  but any pet owner can understand the pain of the death of a pet– because she wasn’t just a pet, she was a part of our family.  hands down.

love you lucy.  we miss you.

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One Response to “goodbye, lucy.”

  1. Tracy Says:

    mourning the loss of a pet is very real – they become a hairy little member of the family. thinking about you guys while you grieve.

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