Our Lubbers Tales

This week, Mike and I have been house sitting on a little island to the west of hope town called lubbers.  Consequentially, we’ve had to commute by boat each morning to get mike on the ferry in Hope Town, which goes to marsh harbour!  he jokes that he has to take a golf cart, boat, ferry, and car just to get to work in the morning.  it has been an adventure, to say the least!

Our first day, the ocean was incredibly rough and we struggled to get ourselves to hope town… luckily, mr. beachy was able to give me some more docking lessons and i learned fast!  boating is a lot like driving:  once you get going, it’s easy– it’s the parking that’s tough!  after running out of gas on tuesday (ahh!  lucky for us there was an extra tank–which was the tank that i had been checking the whole time…oops…there is no gas gauge on this boat, by the way), we have had relatively uneventful journeys.

it’s also a trip to have 2 dogs for the week:  sandy and taco!  they have plenty personality for sure, and have done a great job of keeping us company over there.  lubbers is pretty quiet– there’s only one restaurant (which is closed right now), and no convenience stores at all.  there are lots of mosquitoes, though!

There you go, just another piece of the island puzzle for you guys.  Have a great Sunday!

Taco likes to be tucked in at night

Taco likes to be tucked in at night

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One Response to “Our Lubbers Tales”

  1. Dave Day Says:

    Taco is so cute!

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