small victories

i did the laundry all by myself today! the dryer is now hooked up as well, so the entire process is complete… i just have to remember to refill the machine with water for the rinse cycle… somehow this reminds me of my dorm days as a freshman at fsu, feeling so proud of doing laundry on my own. what’s great is it brings a smile to my face now just like it did then!

so yes, it is the little victories that make life so special. in fact, i may go downstairs and do another load!


3 Responses to “small victories”

  1. Nancy Shilepsky Says:

    Yes, these small victories really do matter. Thank you for these updates!

  2. Karen Day Says:

    Love to hear stories of perseverance! Love your blog!

  3. Miranda Says:

    you can come do all of my laundry if you want!!! lol. love you girl. it makes me so happy to see you happy!

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