Life in the Tropics

Welcome to the new blog!  to begin, i just want to share a little story about an ordinarily simple household chore:


mike and i have been so blessed to receive a donated washer/dryer set here in the mission house!  great news, right?  well, yes, but how to USE this particular washing machine will blow your mind.  you see, it’s not hooked up to any water source yet.  after asking around, i discovered that you can simply fill the tub of the washer with a hose and it will work like a charm.  so i start to fill the washer and it holds the water fine… time to put in the detergent and clothes… and water starts flowing out the back (we’re on the back porch, so no flooding worries here).  i later find out the drain hose in the back should be elevated so that doesn’t happen!  oops!  but here i am, with a bunch of wet, soapy clothes, and no bucket to rinse them in, and not a clue as to how to remedy the situation.

luckily mr. vernon across the way came by to help me figure out how to drain the whole thing and rinse the clothes.  got it.  finally, the clothes are rinsed and good to go.  now, i knew the dryer wasn’t working beforehand, and had already planned to hang the laundry out to dry.

simple enough, right?

of course not!  the line that is in the yard is toppled over, so i tried to right it (now it’s standing quite precariously on its old stump…) and there weren’t enough clothes pins– something else to put on the store list!  but thankfully there’s a great porch upstairs that i can drape the clothes over and get a nice, sunny air-dry.  quite pleased with my victory, i go inside to relax for a bit.

but wait– there’s more.

in the midst of a great skype conversation with my friend, clark (a duke div. student as well!  they keep multiplying!)  i look out the window to find raindrops whizzing by!  oh no!

so i cut him off mid-sentence, run outside, salvage the non-wet clothes, and throw them inside as fast as i can.

and THAT, my dear friends, is life in the tropics!

just hangin' around...

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4 Responses to “Life in the Tropics”

  1. Karen Day Says:

    Sounds like an I Love Lucy episode but in a beautiful setting!

  2. amy enderle Says:

    oh how i love the i-love-lucy component to this! tremendous!!! am excited to keep up with life in the tropics indeed. hugs, friends!

  3. Dane Says:

    Just a fun thought – try putting up a video blog entry every once in a while. From the beach. Because you live in the Bahamas.

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