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something’s coming…

No, I’m not going to start singing West Side Story tunes for you. ¬†(Although we did do that show my senior year of high school…)

I’m just going to let you know that there are some changes in the making here on the blog! ¬†That’s one of the reasons for a post hiatus of two weeks or so. Also, I was in a wedding and Mike almost ran 50 miles. **27 is almost, in my world.

I know this is kind of one of those cliffhanger posts.  In the words of my friend Lauren:

“sorry bout it.”



aren’t they cute?

I love my boys.

State Fair

Natalie and I shared an adventure on Saturday:  we went to our first State Fair!

We set out seeking funnel cakes, ferris wheels, and kettle corn. ¬†We found the first right away…

There were waaaayyy more people there than we had anticipated, and at times, we came to a standstill just trying to walk places! ¬†It took us forever to even try to get close to the ferris wheel, and the whole thing was a little bit overwhelming, so we skipped the ferris wheel and tilt-a-whirl. ¬†Next time! ¬†Luckily, I still got to enjoy Natalie’s cuteness and great company!

They didn’t actually have kettle corn, but our funnel cake was yummy enough for us! ¬†Thanks, Natalie, for a really fun afternoon!

Update on the 101 list

A while ago, I decided to make this crazy list of 101 things to do in 1001 days… I’ve been making some progress, and have neglected to update! ¬†Here are some of the things that have been marked off the list recently:

5.  Buy photoshop ***completed August 2010

This tool is one of the most insane, puzzling things in the world… and I no longer wonder why they offer classes to learn how to use it!! ¬†I’m still playing around, watching online tutorials, and taking tips where I can. ¬†Part of why I went for the real deal, and not Lightroom or Aperture, was because of Totally Rad Actions and Kevin Kubota Actions. ¬†I downloaded the sample set from TRA, and they are awesome!! ¬†Most of the black & whites I do are with the TRA action that I have, and I can’t wait to buy a complete set from them!

9.¬† Buy a filing cabinet‚ÄĒand use it!¬†***completed August 2010

This is where my Dad’s side of me really comes out… he is the plan-ahead, organized, filing cabinet king! ¬†When we moved, he created an initial set of files for us, and I have been adding to them recently. ¬†I was really moved the other day when I realized how thoughtful he has been all my life to take such time and consideration for my future, even as a baby. ¬†I hope to do the same for my children someday– and want to be a think-ahead-er just like he is!

27.  Host a nice dinner party ***completed 10/9/10

Our friend Michelle had a birthday this past week, so a couple of days before… we surprised her! ¬†A good friend drove down from Virginia to add to the fun, and there were a whopping 12 people in our little apartment… dinner was just spaghetti, but we had some yummy appetizers like stuffed mushrooms and meatballs (thanks, Nicole!) and delicious monkey bread to add to the mix.

64.  Enter some photos in a print competition ***completed 9/27/10

There’s a neat group here in the Triangle area called WPS, or the Wedding Photographic Society. ¬†I have recently joined, and they do a photo competition each quarter. ¬†I entered a photo from Justin and Simone’s wedding– the one where she is looking out the window and crying… I’ll keep you posted on how that one turns out!

71.  Purchase a wireless printer ***completed August 2010

We decided on a wireless printer that happens to be the exact same one that St. James bought for the mission house just this summer! ¬†It’s so convenient, especially with laptops in a house. ¬†Wireless printers are genius!

Some of these things were completed during our move, and some have just, well, happened! ¬†But I am so excited to be making progress on these goals… it’s a fun list to have, and you should think of doing one, too! ¬†(Perhaps not 101 things, but even 10 help make stuff happen!)

surrounded by brilliance

Duke Chapel

Monday and Tuesday of this week, N.T. Wright and Rob Bell visited Durham to speak at the Pastors’ School and Convocation at Duke.¬† I am SO thankful that Christ Church made it possible for me to attend, and am still reeling from all the wonderful insight that those two amazing people shared with us.

Monday: Tom Wright

I didn’t realize that…

(a) N.T. Wright goes by “Tom” in his pastoral endeavors–and, I’m sure, in everyday encounters…

(b) He is British.¬† That means he has a British accent, and is REALLY fun to listen to, even if he weren’t saying the most incredible things.

Apparently these things are common knowledge, however, I am not in the div. school, nor have I gotten to read anything by Wright, (gasp!!) so these things are all new to me.

His lectures on Monday were centered around the question, “Why did Jesus live?”¬† People often talk about “Why was Jesus born?” and “Why did Jesus die?” but he was concerned with the bit between the stable and the cross, in his fun British words.

Wright mentioned something I never had noticed:¬† In the Apostle’s Creed, we completely skip over his ministry–

“I believe in Jesus Christ, his only son, our Lord, who was born of the virgin Mary, suffered under Pontias Pilate…”

Woah!  There is something so central to our faith based in the creeds, but Wright reminds us that if we base our entire theology on those creeds instead of scripture, we lose sight of the Gospel.

Tom later goes on to share what he notices in the Gospels about Christ’s life:¬† we see the way God is establishing His kingdom on earth through Jesus.

To be honest, I don’t want to write more, because I’m afraid of mis-representing what he said… there was so much, and I need to process it!


Tuesday: Rob Bell

Ahhhhh!¬† He was so wonderful.¬† I felt like an old friend was talking to me.¬† And he was saying things that I definitely needed to hear!¬† He focused on an unfamiliar phrase…

Eucharistic Paradox

The heaviness and lightness of Jesus

We must give ourselves in passionate devotion, but hold it loosely.

He shared about being with Desmund Tutu and the Dalai Lama, and how he watched them as they greeted one another.¬† They hadn’t seen each other in a long time, so they first embraced, and then… began to tickle one another and giggle!¬† These men had seen their fair share of suffering, yet there is a lightness in their sharing.

The Eucharistic part of that phrase comes from us living out the act of being broken and poured out.¬† He shared the actual translation of Eucharist, which is good + gift/grace.¬† He asks, “What does it look like for our church to be the body and blood for our communities?”

There are a great deal of things that are not in your control.



“That was the most awesome thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Sometimes you work on something, let’s say, a sermon, for hours and hours.¬† You’ve really nailed this one, yet, you preach and only hear crickets.

Then, there’s the week when everything went wrong, you were sick, had to take care of your kids who were sick and out of school, etc… and you feel like this sermon is a homiletical turd. (his words, not mine!)¬† After THAT sermon, someone comes up to you and shares how it has touched their life like no other sermon.

That’s where the letting go part comes in.

He made three wonderful points, especially for people in ministry:

1. There will always be critics.  (I loved his statement, sheep have teeth.)

It’s not the initial negative comment, it’s you replaying it over and over in your head.¬† When we are holding what we do loosely, we are in a much better place to let those criticisms go.

2.  Failure.

“What every artist must learn is that even the failed pieces are essential.”

He tells a story of a class of potters.  The teacher asks half of the class to make the most pieces they can in an hour.  He then tells the other half of the class to make the best piece they can.  After the hour is up, the half who were assigned to make the most pieces also turned out the best pieces.  While the other half were theorizing on what would be the best way to go about it, the others were simply trying and learning from their mistakes, and creating great things.

3. Outcomes.

“An extraordinary amount of leaders are exhausted… they signed up for a revolution, and are now managing a business.”

You must take care of yourself.¬† Is there a day that people can’t reach¬† you?¬† If you follow the gospels, you will see that

Jesus speaking to more crowds = more times Jesus withdraws.


The hour that Rob Bell spoke honestly felt like 10 minutes.¬† I, and hopefully others around me, felt so renewed and inspired by both scholars this week.¬† What a great experience, to be learning and surrounded by others who are seeking what you seek, too.¬† I’m so thankful for this experience!






sermon…oh my.

This past Sunday, I had the honor of preaching my first sermon at Christ Church.  Everyone there was so supportive, as I was a bit nervous. (My forte is singing, not speaking!)

We’re doing this series on Finding Your Way Home: Family, Friends, and Fellowship. ¬†Last Sunday was the Family one, and I really enjoyed getting to dig into the Adam & Eve texts as well as the account in Acts where Paul and Silas share the Gospel with the jailer and his whole house believes in Jesus.

Here’s the audio file for my sermon, if you are brave enough to listen!!

Finding Your Way Home: Family

Speaking of preaching…

I had the GREAT honor/pleasure to hear my friend, Kimmi, preach at Duke today! ¬†She did such an amazing job. ¬†Here’s a little sneaky paparazzi photo of her:

Happy Tuesday, all!